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What does Flyer Life Group do?

Flyer Life Group supports agents and agency managers with training, support and a magnitude of insurance products to provide a platform to grow a multifaceted business serving their community.

Is an Insurance license required to work with FLG?

Yes. Agents must have, or obtain, a life insurance license for the state(s) in which they would like to do business.

Are agents paid commission only?

Yes. At Flyer Life Group we offer industry leading compensation with a large quantity of highly rated insurance companies who pay commissions directly to the agent.

Are there any fees to join FLG?

No. FLG is in the business of selling insurance. We view our agents as partners and offer all of our training and support absolutely free.

How will I receive my training?

You will receive training from numerous sources. We have a training center designed for our company along with various conference calls throughout the week.

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